CV & Artist Statement

Influenced by the stories told in color by the Impressionists, Post-Impressionists, the emotive surface qualities of my favorite artist, Mark Rothko, and the elegant narrative paintings of Botticelli, I enjoy working with oil paint as my medium. I have not found an equal for the juicy quality of a thick impasto brush stroke or the shimmering layers of glazed paint over a delicate rendering that oil paint provides. Inspired by the fleeting moments of beauty that break up the monotony of life, I create genre paintings that describe these moments as I remember them. Other times, I seek to express the magic of spirituality and the flow of conversation with the divine. To achieve this, I use mash-ups of images superimposed or juxtaposed together to build a narrative for my viewers. 

As an award-winning working artist, I teach and mentor students at St. Paul Westlake Pre-K-8th grade and seek to share my love of art with each student, while supporting their healthy development. I also have worked with the seniors and youth artists 10-15 this summer 2021 through Avon Lake Recreation Department, to facilitate “artist dates” trying new creative processes. I look forward to offering more artist workshops in the areas of two-dimensional art, as well as creative voice.

Third Place Artisans of Northern Ohio II at Creative Space Avon with Gallery Owner, Judy Kean

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